Project Description

Project 888


888 Apartments in Bellevue is a newly built multi-family luxury community. The electrical contractor needed a trusted low voltage provider with expertise in security and audio/visual systems for this high-profile building. 888 Apartments would be a first-class building, so the low voltage provider must also be experts in project management and installation.

Our Solution

Fortunately, Skyline Communications is trusted by many local electrical contractors, so Skyline was chosen to join at the latter part of the design phase. Skyline worked on Audio Visual, CCTV, Access Control, and Telecommunications systems for 888. The most exciting part of the 888 is the video wall. The video wall consisted of four screens and needed to be able to alternate between showing one picture and showing four different pictures simultaneously. A project of this caliber required a high level of dedication, knowledge, and utilized many of Skyline’s scopes resources. According to Tom Jordal, President of Skyline Communications, “this project needed Nate”.

Nate Hollingshed, along with Nikolay Shchepanskiy and Darryl Herron were Skyline’s biggest assets in ensuring that the 888 project would be completed according to Skyline’s high standards and with the quality that this luxury building required. When it was discovered that the processor used for the video wall would not be able to switch between one picture and four pictures, Nate found a company that would provide a matrix switch to enable the video wall to perform properly. We are extremely proud and grateful for Nate, Nikolay, and Darryl for their hard work. Skyline was honored to contribute to this unique and high-tech project.