Our DAS team, including members Troy, Braiden, Chase, Chris, and our awesome DAS technicians, is always up to something good. They spend their workdays designing systems to help for cellular communications, working on annual inspections, and communicating with customers to ensure quality service. However, these guys also know how to have a good time. This became especially apparent with the transition to our newly constructed Skyline building. Our new building came with countless upgrades, including a state-of-the-art security and intrusion system, rooftop deck, larger office spaces, and a beautiful design from top to bottom. Little did we know, the DAS team had even more in mind for their new office space.

Upon first entering the DAS office, it is clear they have put significant work into making it a fun and interactive work environment. Pictured next to Troy in his Seahawks jersey, the 2016 Seahawks flag is eye-catching and pairs nicely with the blue chairs. It also serves as an awesome reminder of our Pacific Northwest (PNW) and Seattle-area community, who we are proud to have served since 2001. The flag isn’t the only representation of love for the PNW and Seattle Seahawks pride. Looking around, there is also a framed photo of CenturyLink Field featuring the famously loud 12s, two glowing 12 signs, a Seahawks football, and Troy’s very impressive screensaver featuring the Seattle Seahawks logo.

There are different activities around the room, including a basketball hoop and balls, a Nerf target board, a “Light Aircraft” poster, and golf (featured with Chase)! Each of these activities help the DAS team remember to have fun during their workday and help to ensure a healthy workplace environment. The whiteboard, featured with Braiden, helps the guys to visualize their ideas as they design and build each DAS system. It is amazing to see how each team member has contributed to their culture and work environment.

Just like the unique and creative design of their office, these guys bring lots of fun to Skyline. They are all incredibly hard workers, always ready to help, and provide the excellent Skyline service (along with some fun) we are proud to live up to. We are thankful for their contributions here at Skyline and glad to have them around!