Skyline has grown continuously over the past 20 years, and recently it came time to move into a larger space. Skyline has moved 4 times in the past, and even though this has been the shortest move in distance, it has been the greatest move to date. In October 2020, Skyline moved into a newly constructed and specialized building, constructed just behind our former building in order to maintain our location that excellently serves the Seattle, Everett, and Bellevue areas. This building was specially constructed with a customized space to mockup systems and a larger warehouse to effectively serve customers. The three-story building features a huddle space, conference room, more office spaces, and even a rooftop deck for sunny afternoons. The larger space and high-tech feel of Skyline’s new home match the professionalism and quality that every person at Skyline puts into their work daily.

All leaders at Skyline gave input to how they would like the building to function and many even had a direct hand in the completion of it. Nate Hollingshed kicked off the project with installation of telecommunication cabling infrastructure. Ki Childress was the project manager for the design and implementation of Access Control, CCTV, Intrusion, Audio Visual, and WIFI Systems. Troy Pearson helped with the facilities for DAS mockup. Amy Jordal made many of the interior design decisions. Miranda Kratzer designed and purchased the new warehouse racking system and lockup cage. Jon Burmeister organized the layout of the new warehouse racks and facilitated the entire warehouse move with the help of many technicians. Anna Jordal helped with the illuminated exterior Skyline logo sign. Tony Morgan has helped with the Aiphone intercom system, intrusion, and many other projects around the building, and Tom Jordal had the idea to use solar panels, which make the building 100% solar powered. Every person at Skyline has demonstrated an intense commitment to its growth and success.

The input and hard work of Skyline leaders, the architecture by Jackson Main and Associates, and the construction by Sea Con created a great new home for Skyline Communications. The large, extremely well-managed warehouse allows the materials to be ready-to-go for many more jobs and the unique mockup area with workbenches, wall fields, test equipment, and equipment storage gives the ability to mockup systems in shop, so jobs are completed as efficiently as possible when on site. One of the coolest aspects of the building is that it features much of Skyline’s scopes and own work. The same systems that Skyline sells have been used to protect and connect this building. The telecom, access control, CCTV, AV, and WIFI systems were all designed and installed by Skyline. This makes the new building a great example of the expertise that any customer can expect when working with Skyline.