With the social distancing restrictions changing in Washington state,  Skyline Communications was able to host our first all-hands-on-deck business meeting in over a year. These meetings are one of the most integral parts of ensuring that everyone at Skyline stays connected. Everybody gets the chance to meet and chat with one another and enjoy a fun lunch and learn more about the happenings of our company.

On Friday, everyone was lucky enough to enjoy homemade brisket from Scoot and some fresh burgers grilled by Tony. The meeting in Skyline’s warehouse began with light conversation around the floor. People from all sides of Skyline got the chance to chat with each other.

Troy began the meeting with welcoming the newest members of the Skyline Team. Each new member shared a bit about themselves and how they made their way to Skyline. Learning a bit about their histories was exciting because everyone has different backgrounds and knowledge to bring here. The growth occurring at Skyline is exemplified through these newest additions.

Troy, Ki, Tom, and Jon each spoke about varying news that was important to share with the company. It is awesome to hear the progress that Skyline has made and continues to make. Sharing news and updates in our group meetings helps to keep everyone in the loop about the general occurrences here. Having the chance to connect with the entire Skyline Team face-to-face again was a great time and served as a great reminder to how fortunate we are to work with some great people.